Shlomit Lasky

Lincoln Lightfoot offered a well-needed escape from a dreary gray winter amidst lockdown. Beautifully written, I loved the humor and use of language. The novel transported me right into America in the nineteenth century, making me forget it was written in the present day.

I liked the characters – Lincoln Lightfoot the swindler and opportunist – who gradually face change. As well as some other fantastic guest characters like little Nell, an astute orphan with sassy dialogue and feisty Pheby, Lincoln’s love interest who makes him want to become a better man. I usually get annoyed with how men write female characters, but P.S. Lightfoot knows his women. I also loved the portrayal of the historic figure – showman and dreamer P.T Barnum. He’s the one who gives Lincoln his well-needed break.

Delightful. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Lincoln Lightfoot and the Eccentrifuge