Jill, parent of a 12-year-old daughter

Wow. A unique and breathtakingly beautiful tale.

​Arkyn’s heartwarming relationship with the young norwolf, based on his ability to ‘talk in his thoughts’ to the creature, frequently gave me goosebumps and, on more than one occasion, moved me to tears… As an adult, I appreciate the nod to mindfulness that lies at the heart of Arkyn’s newfound skill, and, for the young reader, these poignant moments will provide a comforting and contrasting stillness to an otherwise fast-paced and thrilling adventure story.

Having finished, I feel that I have had to say goodbye to a very dear friend whom I just can’t wait to see again in the next book. I guess I should pass this one on to my daughter now! Thank you Ian.

Cry of the Norwolf