The Emerald Pendant


by Ian Young
Book two of The Winterscar Chronicles

for 8 – 12 year-old readers

When two mysterious travellers arrive in Arkyn’s village, fear starts a bitter quarrel that divides the community. Soon an ancient superstition is reawakened, threatening old friendships.

Arkyn faces great danger as he learns how to use his secret power, determined to save a beautiful and endangered creature: the tigerfox.

Illustrations by Saoirse Fitzpatrick. Cover artwork by Tim Slatter.


The eagerly-awaited sequel to Cry of the Norwolf.

Praise for book one:

Cry of the Norwolf’ is a really entertaining read that I think would have broad appeal, especially to readers of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother series. (Love Reading 4 Kids)

  • My son couldn’t put this amazing book down.
  • Cry of the Norwolf is by far my favourite book ever.
  • The words norwolf, firehawk and hedge-hermit are now part of our family vocabulary.
  • A wonderful mix of adventure, mystery and friendship.