Lincoln Lightfoot and the Eccentrifuge


Winter 1882. Petty swindler Lincoln Lightfoot sidesteps deportation by stowing away on a steamer bound for the New World. Lincoln invents the mysterious Eccentrifuge that promises to take America by storm. But then his love affair with a Native American woman imperils all that Lincoln holds most dear. Not least his life.


A novel by P.S. Lightfoot

A glorious, tumbling, effervescent tale.

Ne’er-do-well? Undoubtedly.
Showman? Unashamedly.
Inventor? Undeniably.

But saviour of a tribal nation?

Lincoln Lightfoot is obsessed with making his fortune, but he’s knocked off course by the irresistible Pheby who is on a mission to save her people, the vanishing Chocapaw nation.
Can Lincoln find it in himself to act for the greater good?

The battle of wills intensifies until only Lincoln’s hair-raising invention can determine who will prevail and who will perish.
Very engaging and hard to put down, atmospheric and exciting, and with a pleasing quirkiness. 
Catrin Maby​
​215 x 130 x 30mm
320 pages
ISBN ​978-1-9997637-3-2