P.S. Lightfoot

Eccentricity in the blood

“This is me, P.S. Lightfoot, still in shock after my recent windfall. Not only have I just inherited a showman’s living van, but a treasure trove of family papers, censored for centuries and untouched in generations.

The deeper I delve, the clearer my task becomes: to lift the lid on my family’s secret shame by celebrating its scattered flock of black sheep.

Although poles apart in purpose and temperament, all have one trait in common: eccentricity in the first degree.

And who better to start with than my great-great-grandfather, Lincoln Lightfoot.”

Lincoln Lightfoot and the Eccentrifuge

Ne’er-do-well? Undoubtedly. Showman? Unashamedly. Inventor? Undeniably. But saviour of a tribal nation?

Lincoln Lightfoot is obsessed with making his fortune, but he’s knocked off course by the irresistible Pheby who is on a mission to save her people, the vanishing Chocapaw nation.

Can Lincoln find it in himself to act for the greater good? The battle of wills intensifies until only Lincoln’s hair-raising invention, the Eccentrifuge, can determine who will prevail and who will perish.

A fine enough fellow to clink a glass with, but be sure to check for your pocket watch before you leave.

P.T. Barnum, upon meeting Lincoln Lightfoot in 1882

Hardback, 272pp, 245 x 190mm, 159 full colour photographs.