We publish books that need to be brought into being

We are not hide-bound or genre-fixated! Our authors are from diverse fields: a restaurateur, a television personality, a children’s author, a novelist, and an award-winning poet.

Bill Sewell

Archetype Books were instrumental in giving me the courage to contemplate a new publication and they have had a clear vision from the start of how beautiful it could look. They have overseen the meticulous editing and photography, and dealt with all the print issues – from proofing and printing to getting a number of pallets delivered down my country lane.

Val Stones

Writing a book felt like a monumental task but Archetype Books made it feel achievable. They met me personally and talked through what I wanted to create and what resulted was beyond my expectations. They made the process so easy and well organised, turning my amateur beginnings into a highly professional end product. I am so pleased we became not only author and publisher but friends.

Ian Young

For months I was reluctant to share Cry of the Norwolf with anyone as scary as a book publisher, but Archetype transformed the experience for me. A story that was rattling around in the depths of my hard drive – hastily-written, full of inconsistencies and incomplete – has been nurtured into a living reality, and this is entirely down to Archetype’s understanding of what it takes to look after authors and how to get the best out of them.

P.S. Lightfoot

Where would this whole endeavour be without Archetype Books? They transformed what promised to be a circumspect family undertaking into a highly professional operation. The resulting book is testimony to the care devoted to every detail of the design and production process.

Stephen Keeler

The manuscript for Fifty Words for Love in Swedish was received with such generous enthusiasm, and subsequently handled with such obvious understanding and professional commitment and care by my editor, Kylie Fitzpatrick, and my designer, Michael Phillips – both of Archetype Books – that the finished book is exactly the book I wanted it to be – only a little better. Profound thanks to both.