Bill Sewell

A life of food

“My family tell me that I can turn a conversation on any subject to food in 20 seconds, and I like to think they’re right. I see my life through the prism of food. With my morning granola, I’ll be wondering where I can get some rabbit to cook with cider for supper; while I’m wolfing down jerk chicken at my Ludlow and Hereford cafés at lunchtime, I’ll be thinking about trying out a new recipe for chocolate and cherry cake in the afternoon; and when planning our massed family summer holiday, I’m wondering if it’s illegal to carry sourdough starter through customs.”

Bill’s Kitchen

Bill’s sumptuous cookbook has been inspired by his life as a restaurateur and family cook. 120 recipes, printed in full colour throughout, a comprehensive index, and with 3 coloured ribbons to help you keep place when preparing multiple dishes.

The recipes here are an ethereal mix of hearty and delicate, of simple and complex. Not just attainable but well worth attaining. I could eat any and all given the chance.

Shaun Hill, The Walnut Tree Inn

Hardback, 272pp, 245 x 190mm, 159 full colour photographs.

Bill’s Kitchen Ludlow

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Bill’s Kitchen Hereford

All Saints Church, High Street, Hereford HR4 9AA
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