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50 words for Love in Swedish

Winner of The People’s Book Prize 2022-3, Beryl Bainbridge Award

Stephen Keeler

Paperback £8.99

With a poet’s eye for the telling detail, Stephen Keeler has brought the Sweden of my childhood vividly to life in this charming and idiosyncratic memoir… a joy from beginning to end.

Marika Cobbold

Cry of the Norwolf

Ian Young

Paperback £6.99

‘Cry of the Norwolf’ is a really entertaining read that I think would have broad appeal, especially to readers of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother series.

Love Reading 4 Kids

Lincoln Lightfoot and the Eccentrifuge

P.S. Lightfoot

Hardback £14.99

Loved this book. Very engaging and hard to put down, atmospheric and exciting, and with a pleasing quirkiness. And just as you thought you knew what would happen next, it didn’t. When is the next one, please?

Catrin Maby OBE FRSA MEI PhD

Val Stones – The Cake Whisperer!

52 recipes from The Great British Bake-Off’s beloved Cake Whisperer!

Paperback £12.95

After reaching Round 5 of The Great British Bake Off (and so becoming the eighth-best baker in the programme!), I returned to my own kitchen where I saw my Instagram shoot up to almost 50,000 followers in a matter of weeks!

Val Stones

Bill’s Kitchen

120 recipes from restaurateur Bill Sewell.

Hardback £20

The recipes here are an ethereal mix of hearty and delicate, of simple and complex. Not just attainable but well worth attaining. I could eat any and all given the chance.

Shaun Hill, the Walnut Tree Inn

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